Travel Tips for COVID 19

While travel restrictions still apply in most countries around the world, Jiggy, from the Techy Ninjas shares that things are starting to get back to normalcy. A few countries including Italy and Greece are beginning to open up their borders to international travelers. The tourist attractions in some countries are also opening for business. That means people will soon embark on traveling. In case you choose to travel, keep the following COVID-19 travel tips in mind for safety. 

Know Your Destination 

As already hinted above, most countries have not lifted travel restrictions, especially for international travel. Even the countries that are opening their borders still have certain restrictions and measures to reduce the risks of contagion. So, you must have up to date information regarding the state of the crisis and any existing travel restrictions in your destination before departure. You should also check with your airline about any travel restrictions. That will enable you to prepare well for the trip. 

Observe the WHO Guidelines 

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID19 pandemic, it has announced various measures to protect populations from the deadly virus. The guidelines apply to all sectors including airlines, hotels and restaurants, transport, and other public areas. On an individual level, there are also strict measures that require you to wear a mask in public places, maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. 

Examine Your Situation 

The world is just learning about COVID-19 and, extra caution is needed for everyone as the virus knows no boundaries. Consider whether the benefits of the trip outweigh the risks of contagion. If you must travel, it is advisable to visit a local destination closer to home. 

Although traveling during COVID-19 might seem scary to some people, you can still experience safe and enjoyable trips if you know the situation in your destination and observe the WHO COVID-19 guidelines. Instead of coiling back at home, embrace the new normal, and go explore the world. 

Best Travel Destinations for Families

Mariana G. of Techy Ninjas speaks from experience as she once mentioned on her blog that going on a trip with the family is one of the most exciting experiences. However, the choice of a destination to visit with the family is always essential to the experience. While there are many places that you might want to tour, not all are family-friendly. The following are some of the best travel destinations for families that you should consider to ensure a truly memorable adventure.

The Island of Crete, Greece

Crete is one of the highly ranked family travel destinations in the world. The island offers almost everything that you could ever want for your dream family holiday including stunning beaches, great weather, finger-licking cuisines, luxury accommodation, beautiful sceneries and activities for the whole family.

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

The Daintree region is also another great destination for a family vacation. Besides being the oldest rain forest in the world, it also has one of the largest reefs, sandy beaches and lush sceneries. At this relaxed tropical destination, there are lots of fun activities and for the family like snorkeling, river boat cruises, eating exotic ice creams made of fruits among others.

Whitefish, Montana, USA

The Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort is the place to head out to for a unique winter wonderland experience. The city of Whitefish and the resort has a great selection of restaurants, accommodation facilities and shopping complexes with a cool American feel. At the resort, there are lots of family friendly amenities and activities including day care, kids ski and ride school, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing among others.

Cayman Islands

If you are thinking of spending your next family vacation by the ocean, the Cayman Islands is an absolute choice. The beach days here are fun and also very affordable with numerous activities for the whole family including snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and others. For great snorkeling, head out to the Cemetery Beach, which usually has few people and a reef accessible by shore.

Other great travel destinations for families that you may also want to put in your bucket list include Swiss Mountains, Marathon Florida, Hamilton New Zealand, Florence Italy, Glacier National Park USA, the Canadian Rockies and Cape Town South Africa.

Why Flying is the Safest Way to Travel

Some people fear flying, and this makes them use buses and trains to travel. That’s partly because of catastrophic events like the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Some people are flight phobic, and this phobia compels them to use flying alternatives in places where it’s the best way to travel. Flying is generally safer than traveling by rail or bus. Here’s why you should start flying more often instead of using rail or bus.

Highway Safety

Statistically, driving on a highway is a dangerous way to travel. That’s because a driver has 1 in 114 chances of dying if a car crash occurs. A car occupant has a 1 in 654 chance of dying when traveling in a motor vehicle. In 2015, around 9,813 highway fatalities out of 35,092 were car passengers, while 9,813 were small truck occupants. About 4,976 were motorcyclists.

Railroad Safety

In 2015, around 749 people died in railroad accidents. Trespassing caused 60% of these accidents. Therefore, train travel is safe for individuals who use trains to go to work or venture from one place to another.

Water Safety

Water travel comes with a little risk. In 2015, the department of transport reported around 682 boating fatalities. But, recreational boating that was not passenger related caused 90% of these cases.

Air Travel Safety

Passengers have 1 in 9,821 chances of dying when flying. And this makes flying a safe way to travel. The available preliminary statistics from 2014 indicated 444 aviation-related deaths. Essentially, air travel is among the safest ways to travel.

Public Transport Safety

Public transport is also a safe way to travel. In 2015, the U.S Department of Transport reported 30 passenger-related deaths only. Therefore, if public transportation is an option for you, consider it.

Devastating events like plane crashes induce fear in some people when it comes to flying. However, this is one of the safest ways to travel if you consider the available statistics. Therefore, consider flying if it’s an option for you.

The Best Attractions to Visit in Rome

Rome is one of the few travel destinations in the world with a fair share of unique attractions for every kind of traveler. It has a reputation for rich antiquities, historical landmarks, varied landscapes, great food scenes, and different kinds of fun activities to make every trip memorable. The following are some of the best attractions that you should never miss out on when visiting Rome. 

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most renowned reminders of the ancient Roman Empire. The over 2,000-year-old oval archeological site was inaugurated in AD 80 to offer space for theatrical performances, games, and other public events. The Colosseum was the site of the famous gladiator battles. Thus, it holds so much regarding the history and culture of Rome.  

The Vatican City

Covering an area of less than one square kilometer, the Vatican is the world’s smallest independent state. It is the residence of the Pope with various religious sights and sounds including the St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, Pieta, museums, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Palace, and pristine gardens. The city boasts great Roman architecture, art, and culture to make your trip worthwhile. 

Baths of Caracalla 

Built during the third century, the Terme di Caracalla is Rome’s second-largest bath complex. While most parts of the site are in ruins, it has so much to say about the traditions and practices of the early Romans. Besides, it also hosts periodic opera performances and ballets to visitors. 

Trevi Fountain 

The 17th C fountain is a famous feature in most Roman films, making it one of the most visited attractions in Rome. It resembles the sea god, known as Oceanus, with horses, shells, and tritons. The water moves majestically around the figures and rocks and then collects in a large basin filled with coins. 

Centro Storico 

The Centro Storico is also a must-visit attraction in Rome with streams of magnificent palaces, beautiful Christian structures, ancient streets, and art-themed squares. Here, you will experience historical architecture and invaluable artworks by icons like Caravaggio and Bernini in local churches. 

Apart from the above attractions, your dream trip to Rome should also cover the Spanish steps, Appian Way, Roman Forum, The Pantheon and Borghese Gallery and Gardens. 

Traveling with Vape Juice – What You Should Know

Vaping is a popular social activity, especially among the youth today. As such, it is not uncommon for many people to want to bring vape juices on trips. While you can bring your e-juice onto the plane, there are certain regulations that must be observed for your safety and that of others on board too. Nevertheless, here’s what you should know about traveling with vape juice. 

Carry 100ml Bottles of Vape Juice 

Most airlines stipulate using 100ml bottles for carrying liquids. To keep the limits, you can either buy a 100 ml bottle or smaller bottles of 10 ml. Ensure that the bottles are not filled to the brim to allow for the expansion that may occur due to changes in altitudes. 

Pack Vape Juices in Transparent Bags 

Vape juices should be packed in your hand luggage, which will go through the airport security before boarding. For convenience, you should pack the bottles in clear plastic bags. The bags should also be properly sealed to avoid damage to other items in case of leakage. 

Do Not Use Vape Juice on the Plane 

Airlines only allow passengers to carry vape juice but, not using them onboard. However much you may want to try out that new flavor, vaping on the plane might put you and others in danger. Some airports too prohibit vaping on the premises. 

Check the Airline Regulations 

Although virtually all airlines will allow you to carry vape juices onboard, they may have slightly different policies regarding such items. So, it is important that you also check with the airline for any unusual regulations for traveling with e-juices. Since vaping is also banned in some countries, you should check the regulations or laws for using vape juices at your destination. 

The above pointers cover the most important things that you need to know when traveling with vape juice and other vaping devices. So, put your plan together and, go to experience the world!

Why it is Unwise to Travel without Insurance

For some people, insurance is an unnecessary additional expense when it comes to traveling. Therefore, they don’t see the need to have a travel insurance policy. But, there are valid reasons to buy travel insurance, especially when traveling abroad. If you intend to travel and you don’t have insurance, here are the major reasons to purchase one right away.

Emergency Assistance 

The train or plane you intend to use to travel can develop a mechanical problem. This can compel the transport provider to cancel your trip. If you don’t have an insurance policy that covers such an emergency, you could be stranded in a foreign country. Having emergency assistance cover ensures that you get the necessary help in such situations.

Your Travel Company Files for Bankruptcy

You have planned an African safari, but a week before leaving your chosen travel company is declared bankrupt. Your trip gets canceled and it might be impossible to get a refund. To avoid having your travel plans ruined by such eventualities, get a travel insurance policy that covers trip cancellation for such reasons.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

During a trip to a foreign country, you can fall sick and need emergency medical attention and evacuation. The cost of evacuation and medication can be quite high in a foreign country if you don’t have insurance. However, it can be done easily and affordably if you have medical evacuation coverage.

Loss of Passport

Losing your passport during a trip can give you some of the difficult moments of your life. You will waste time and money trying to get another passport. But, if you have travel insurance that covers loss of passports, such an ordeal will be taken care of with ease.

Lost or Delayed Luggage

If your airline loses or misplaces your luggage, you might lose your precious belongings and get inconvenienced. However, you will have an easier time if you have travel insurance that covers lost, delayed, or misplaces luggage.


A terrorist attack at your travel destination can lead to the cancellation of your trip. This can lead to the loss of the funds you had spent planning for the trip. To avoid this, it’s wise to get travel insurance that covers trip cancellation based on terrorist activities. 

Natural Calamities

Natural calamities like hurricanes and floods are common in some travel destinations. If they strike a week before you depart, you may have to cancel your trip. And, if they strike while on a trip to a foreign country, you will need emergency evacuation. Having insurance that protects you from such calamities will make your life bearable during such moments.

Travelers are generally vulnerable to different types of risks. That’s why it’s unwise to travel without insurance regardless of how safe your travel destination is. 

How a Travel Agent Will Save You Money

One of the useful tips for reducing your travel costs is working with a travel agent. Travel agents know how to give clients value-added perks that makes trips extra special. Though you can plan a trip on your own, a travel agent can save you money in different ways. Here are some of them.

Saving You Planning Time

When you work with a travel agent, you leave trip planning to them. You just let them know where you want to go and the experiences you wish to enjoy. The agent takes care of your flights, resorts, hotels, and activity bookings. They handle the miscellaneous details of your trip. This saves you precious time especially when you have a busy schedule. You simply note the departure date on your calendar, pack and leave when the time comes. Thus, if time is money for you, a travel agent helps you save more.

A Travel Agent will save You Money- Literally

Travel agents have industry connections that enable them to get better deals on cruises, hotels, and tour packages. They also know when and how to get better flight deals. This means you will save money when you work with a travel agent than when you do things on your own. What’s more, a good travel agent will direct you to choose the right trip depending on your budget and the available deals. The agent can even negotiate on your behalf in addition to providing tips to help you save money at your travel destination.

Basically, these are some of the ways you can save money when you work with a travel agent than when you plan a trip on your own. Nevertheless, you need to choose the best agent to enjoy a more personalized travel experience that’s within your budget.

Tips to Help You Travel More

Committing to more travel is one of the best decisions that you can make in life. That’s because travel will make you more open minded. It will also compel you to move out of the comfort zone. Traveling to beautiful destinations, meeting new people, and enjoying new experiences are some of the things that can change your life. But, how do you manage to travel more?

Here are useful tips to help you travel more:

Explore Your Location

You don’t have to head to a distant location to travel. You can explore your location more if you do not have money to go to a distant destination. For instance, spend your afternoon at a local park that you have not visited for some time. You can also spend time in local museums. You can even check out cool events in your location or check out a new restaurant in town.

Reduce Your Frequency of Eating Out

The easiest way to save money and travel the world more is to make your own dinner and lunch instead of eating out. You will realize that when you cut back on the amount that you spend eating out, you end up having more money for travel.

Check Out Travel Deals

A major reason why many people don’t travel more is because they think traveling is expensive. However, you can save money and travel more by taking advantage of travel deals. These include great deals on accommodation and flights. Essentially, you don’t have to spend your life savings or win a lottery to travel. You can save money little by little and travel the world more.

Get Inspiration

You need inspiration to travel more. Therefore, subscribe to and read more travel blogs. Read magazines to find out more about travel destinations and what people say about them.

Basically, you should include travel in your priorities. Conduct research to find out more about things that other travelers do. If you have friends and relatives that travel more, talk to them about their experiences. This will make you want to travel more.

Tips for Finding the Best Travel Deals

Everybody wants to find the best travel deals. However, most people don’t know where to look for great travel deals. The internet has made conducting research easy. Nevertheless, information overload makes finding the best travel deals challenging for some people.

To make things easier, follow these tips to get great deals when you travel:

Get a Cheap Flight

The best flight deals do not last long. In fact, some flight deals last less than one hour. That means you should be prepared to act quickly. Book your flight the moment you notice a great deal. Don’t take long to think about it because it might last for 24 hours only. Nevertheless, to get great flight deals, consider doing the following:

  • Book your flight 7 days in advance
  • Book with the airline directly
  • Apply for refund in 24 hours of ticket booking

Take time to compare flight prices and choose the cheapest. This will save you money on air travel.

Check Out Hotel Deals

Hotel deals are not easy to find. That’s because they do not happen more often. However, you can still get great hotel deals when you visit the site of your preferred hotel. Frequent the site of your favorite hotel more often to notice offers when made available and grab them. There are also sites that allow you to subscribe to email alerts that let you know when certain hotels have special offers.

Check Out Activity Deals

Shows and tours at your travel destination may have offers for people that book early. It’s therefore crucial that you check out such deals at your preferred destination. This will enable you to take advantage of show offers, tour offers, and car rental offers.

What’s more, check out the tour deals and cruise deals that might be on offer. Take advantage of such deals and you will save big during your trip. If you need additional tips, check out this blog post I found a while back for more in site. Click here.

Things You Need to Stop Doing to Travel More

Stop Purchasing Items that You Do Not Need

If you buy clothes, makeup and eat out more often, you can also save money for travel. A blogger over at Garden Bistro Bar once gave some tips about living that travel life, and he said in order to do this, you need to stop purchasing items that you do not need. Instead, focus on saving money for a trip to your dream destination. The amount that you save may seem little at first but it will eventually accumulate to a substantial amount.

Stop Paying Attention to What the Society Requires You to Do

The society requires you to do what other people do. It tells you to go to school, graduate from college, get a job, buy a home, get married, raise kids and retire in your 60s. The society allows you to travel and see the world in your old age after retirement. But, you shouldn’t follow this route if you really want to travel more. You have a single life to live. As such, you don’t have to wait until you are free of expectations and commitments to travel.

Start Planning Instead of Dreaming

You can easily read guidebooks and travel blogs then dream about traveling someday. However, this doesn’t get you close to actual traveling. Instead of dreaming, start planning a trip to your dream destination. Search for flights and accommodation then save money for your trip. Plan a trip to your dream destination and leave as soon as possible.

Stop Wondering and Being Afraid

Don’t wonder about terrible things that can happen when you travel. Also stop fearing being away from home even if you travel alone. The world is different from what you imagine. In fact, you might be surprised to feel safer when traveling than when at home.

To travel the world more, stop doing these things and focus on your travel.