Travel Tips for COVID 19

While travel restrictions still apply in most countries around the world, Jiggy, from the Techy Ninjas shares that things are starting to get back to normalcy. A few countries including Italy and Greece are beginning to open up their borders to international travelers. The tourist attractions in some countries are also opening for business. That means people will soon embark on traveling. In case you choose to travel, keep the following COVID-19 travel tips in mind for safety. 

Know Your Destination 

As already hinted above, most countries have not lifted travel restrictions, especially for international travel. Even the countries that are opening their borders still have certain restrictions and measures to reduce the risks of contagion. So, you must have up to date information regarding the state of the crisis and any existing travel restrictions in your destination before departure. You should also check with your airline about any travel restrictions. That will enable you to prepare well for the trip. 

Observe the WHO Guidelines 

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID19 pandemic, it has announced various measures to protect populations from the deadly virus. The guidelines apply to all sectors including airlines, hotels and restaurants, transport, and other public areas. On an individual level, there are also strict measures that require you to wear a mask in public places, maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. 

Examine Your Situation 

The world is just learning about COVID-19 and, extra caution is needed for everyone as the virus knows no boundaries. Consider whether the benefits of the trip outweigh the risks of contagion. If you must travel, it is advisable to visit a local destination closer to home. 

Although traveling during COVID-19 might seem scary to some people, you can still experience safe and enjoyable trips if you know the situation in your destination and observe the WHO COVID-19 guidelines. Instead of coiling back at home, embrace the new normal, and go explore the world. 

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