Traveling with Vape Juice – What You Should Know

Vaping is a popular social activity, especially among the youth today. As such, it is not uncommon for many people to want to bring vape juices on trips. While you can bring your e-juice onto the plane, there are certain regulations that must be observed for your safety and that of others on board too. Nevertheless, here’s what you should know about traveling with vape juice. 

Carry 100ml Bottles of Vape Juice 

Most airlines stipulate using 100ml bottles for carrying liquids. To keep the limits, you can either buy a 100 ml bottle or smaller bottles of 10 ml. Ensure that the bottles are not filled to the brim to allow for the expansion that may occur due to changes in altitudes. 

Pack Vape Juices in Transparent Bags 

Vape juices should be packed in your hand luggage, which will go through the airport security before boarding. For convenience, you should pack the bottles in clear plastic bags. The bags should also be properly sealed to avoid damage to other items in case of leakage. 

Do Not Use Vape Juice on the Plane 

Airlines only allow passengers to carry vape juice but, not using them onboard. However much you may want to try out that new flavor, vaping on the plane might put you and others in danger. Some airports too prohibit vaping on the premises. 

Check the Airline Regulations 

Although virtually all airlines will allow you to carry vape juices onboard, they may have slightly different policies regarding such items. So, it is important that you also check with the airline for any unusual regulations for traveling with e-juices. Since vaping is also banned in some countries, you should check the regulations or laws for using vape juices at your destination. 

The above pointers cover the most important things that you need to know when traveling with vape juice and other vaping devices. So, put your plan together and, go to experience the world!

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