Why it is Unwise to Travel without Insurance

For some people, insurance is an unnecessary additional expense when it comes to traveling. Therefore, they don’t see the need to have a travel insurance policy. But, there are valid reasons to buy travel insurance, especially when traveling abroad. If you intend to travel and you don’t have insurance, here are the major reasons to purchase one right away.

Emergency Assistance 

The train or plane you intend to use to travel can develop a mechanical problem. This can compel the transport provider to cancel your trip. If you don’t have an insurance policy that covers such an emergency, you could be stranded in a foreign country. Having emergency assistance cover ensures that you get the necessary help in such situations.

Your Travel Company Files for Bankruptcy

You have planned an African safari, but a week before leaving your chosen travel company is declared bankrupt. Your trip gets canceled and it might be impossible to get a refund. To avoid having your travel plans ruined by such eventualities, get a travel insurance policy that covers trip cancellation for such reasons.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

During a trip to a foreign country, you can fall sick and need emergency medical attention and evacuation. The cost of evacuation and medication can be quite high in a foreign country if you don’t have insurance. However, it can be done easily and affordably if you have medical evacuation coverage.

Loss of Passport

Losing your passport during a trip can give you some of the difficult moments of your life. You will waste time and money trying to get another passport. But, if you have travel insurance that covers loss of passports, such an ordeal will be taken care of with ease.

Lost or Delayed Luggage

If your airline loses or misplaces your luggage, you might lose your precious belongings and get inconvenienced. However, you will have an easier time if you have travel insurance that covers lost, delayed, or misplaces luggage.


A terrorist attack at your travel destination can lead to the cancellation of your trip. This can lead to the loss of the funds you had spent planning for the trip. To avoid this, it’s wise to get travel insurance that covers trip cancellation based on terrorist activities. 

Natural Calamities

Natural calamities like hurricanes and floods are common in some travel destinations. If they strike a week before you depart, you may have to cancel your trip. And, if they strike while on a trip to a foreign country, you will need emergency evacuation. Having insurance that protects you from such calamities will make your life bearable during such moments.

Travelers are generally vulnerable to different types of risks. That’s why it’s unwise to travel without insurance regardless of how safe your travel destination is. 

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